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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Kite Runner Controversy

I've been reading alot about the controversy surrounding the release of the Kite Runner and I feel like some people are perhaps missing the bigger picture but condemning the studio and filmmakers. I'll be honest, one of the producers is a close friend of mine and I have heard how difficult it was to make this film and anyone who knows the director and producers know they didn't take any of this lightly and were forthright with the boys and their families and are deeply concerned for the safety of the boys and their families and have always worked on the film and this story with their best interests at heart. This controversial scene was written in a book that was read and loved by millions of people around the world. To cut it out completely would hurt the film and the overall power of the story, I have seen the film and it was handled with great care.

The bigger picture perhaps is that after America went to Afghanistan to rid the nation of the Taliban after the attack on the world trade center, they are back in power and the invasion did not work, we left Afghanistan to invade Iraq which is a whole other quagmire. Hopefully, this film and controversy will help to shed a little light on these bigger problems and perhaps inspire us to help these boys and all the boys and girls in Afghanistan that are still struggling.

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