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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top of the Circle!

My short film just won another award! yay!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everyone's got an opinion!

I was reading this article and find it such a sign of the times.

Three required films before one comments on this article or my blog.




then write me an essay as how these films relate and why....

i love blogs by the way, just so I'm clear. If a blogger falls in the press office and no one picks them up...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Congratulations to our Oscar AFI FEST filmmakers

I'll be honest, I don't really care about the Oscars but maybe that's because so far I haven't won one.... But congratulations to our awesome AFI FEST filmmakers who've been nominated for 2007, these films rock!!


Laura Linney in "The Savages" (Fox Searchlight)
Ellen Page in "Juno" (Fox Searchlight)

Jason Reitman - "Juno"
Julian Schnabel - "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly"

Diablo Cody - "Juno"
Tamara Johnson - "The Savages"

Ronald Harwood - "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

"Persepolis" - (Sony Pictures Classics) Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

"The Counterfeiters" – Austria

"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" (Miramax/Pathé Renn) Janusz Kaminski

"I Met the Walrus" A Kids & Explosions Production; Josh Raskin

"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" (Miramax/Pathé Renn) Juliette Welfling

Shaz at the International Museum of Women

My short film TOP OF THE CIRCLE and one of my stories BONDING can be seen here at the International Museum of Women.

This is an interesting Social experiment with women around the world.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stripper Names

I loved JUNO and really love Diablo Cody - I heard her talk about where the name Diablo Cody came from and thought that's a great way to come up with a Stripper Name.

A favorite song, and a town.
Mine might be Juicy Moab...
or No woman no cry Salt Lake city...

My pal Jill who used to do a little stripping came up with her name from her favorite writer Dylan Thomas.

Mine might be Flannery or Irving or Sedaris...

The whole first pet and street you grew up on name just has never really worked for me so I'm going with the others.


Kris Kristofferson

On our door we have a poster of a Kris Kristofferson album that reminds us as we head out into the world... "Don't let the bastards get you down."

I have loved Kris Kristofferson for years, I loved his outlaw country vibe and I saw "A Star is Born" a million times.

What makes me happy still is how Kris Kristofferson always shows up in films these days as the guy who knows the truth and can help solve the problem, the moral voice of reason in a mad world.

Just the other night I was watching "Fast Food Nation" he's the guy who knows about the plant and what's really going on there.

I find it very comforting!

Don't let the bastards get you down.

More on Sales at Sundance...

I was listening to Tilda Swinton on public radio talking about how the Sales agents and Buyers need to be more adventurous and trust that there will be an audience for some of the smaller film but that they might need more time than just a weekend.

Along those lines, I thought this was an interesting article.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

David Lynch on the iphone!

I love David Lynch!

I used to drive 14 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah to San Francisco in high school to see Lynch's performance pieces.

I couldn't agree more with this bit of wisdom from Mr. Lynch.

The Best First Dance Ever...

Well, you haven't seen ours but since Jean-Pierre and I are getting married this year, folks keep sending us wedding tips....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Film Festivals develop talent!

So, Lane and I were just talking about how everyone loves to talk about all the films at Sundance that don't make any money... which may be true, but one awesome part of film festivals is that you see films from emerging artists and films that may never get distributed. So, I'm glad to see that some folks are writing about the Frontier filmmakers and I love that Geoff reminds everyone that sometimes it's about supporting new filmmakers, who become established filmmakers so they keep on making good films...

I wish people could get over the 11 million dollar sale and go see some of the other films too!

If you haven't been to the New Frontiers on Main. Go! It's awesome, Shari and Cooper rock that place.

I love festivals.

Michel Gondry!

I love him!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shaz on Vox

I joined this site VOX because I love This American Life!
I forget to update... but you can see my short film on there!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love conspiracy!

I'm watching another Kennedy assasination documentary on PBS.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Someone told me recently the internet is about Sex/Porn, celebrity/gossip and youtube... I'm interested in a bit more than that... I'm sad I don't more to report on Sex and Porn and Celebrities and Gossip...
ah hell, I'll try.

Beat Boxer tres bien!

This guy rocks!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barack Obama is my flikr friend!

Yay! Barack and I are friends!

I'm trying to stay calm and focused in all this election stuff!
I know it's a long haul but I've been waiting angrily for 8 years!

Barack rocks!

Shaz and Doug Prey - BIG RIG


I love this film and Diego, Pablo and Gael are producing some wonderful films!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hilary goes both ways!

Lane told me that a couple o' days ago she said, "it doesn't matter who wins in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton didn't win in New Hampshire."

And yet, last night, she's saying, "This win is so important."

You don't get it both ways.

Go AJ!

I agree, you can only bitch so long and then you gotta do something about it!

AJ's film is great by the way!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chris & Don: A love Story

Yay! This is a wonderful film!
So glad it was bought by Zeitgeist! Go see it when it comes out, we played it at AFI FEST and it'll make you fall in love all over!

Obama still rocks!

Just for the hell of it, I'd like to point out that Obama was second by 2 percent in New Hampshire...

Obama won in Iowa by over 30 percent and it's all just getting started...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sit n' Spin Jan. 10th - I'm performing!

sit n spin thursday january 10, 2008

carol leifer
chris miller
jaclyn lafer
stirling gardner
shaz bennett

and music by tony alda!

sit n spin takes place every other thursday at 8 pm at the comedy central stage at the hudson theatre- 6539 santa monica blvd- hollywood, 90038

call for reservations~ the show is incredibly free! 323-960-5519

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Indiewire posts top 10s from yours truly...

and other film programmers, bloggers and smart film lovers!
there are others I forgot too!