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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diablo Cody at the New beverly!

One of my favorite theatres in LA is the New Beverly because it reminds me of the trashy "art" theatres of my college days.

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and there was one art house that was in the basement of this building close to downtown SLC.

We'd watch old movies, weird new movies, disturbing animation and foreign films and then go to the IHOP and talk about life, philosophy all the amazing films we had seen.

So, i just read, (i know, i'm behind! but i've been watching film submissions all night for my job)... anyway, just read that Diablo Cody is guest curating a week or so of films at the New Beverly.... yay.

check it out!

I'm spending Pioneer Day with Diablo and Pretty in Pink!
If you don't know what Pioneer Day is... you have to go to Utah on the 24th of July - you will forever make an annual pilgramage.

JULY 23-24 - Chick Night


dorna said...

Hey there lovely Shaz,
You're so young, I can't tell if you'd even remember the Cosmic Airplane that used to be right next door to the "arthouse theater," The Blue Mouse. I was just thinking about those two places yesterday. Sometimes I forget there's anyone else in LA who'd know them! I arrived in SLC screaming and kicking one summer at 24, wishing I could have stayed in Paris... I worked at Cosmic all summer and used the money to buy a ticket back to Paris, hoping to stay there. It didn't work out and in the end, I was back in SLC for a stretch. But I have v. fond memories of both the bookstore and of course of the movie theater. xxx D said...

you're sweet to say i'm young!
i loved the cosmic airplane - i got my ears pierced there and have such fond memories of the SLC bohemia!