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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cool REDCAT shows coming up

Check out these two nights at REDCAT!
Mike Plante suggests and I agree!
I'm so psyched for Bruce Connor!

Two great shows are coming on the next two Mondays at REDCAT in downtown

Deborah Stratman's new feature takes us into the wild wild world of,
well, America - exploring battle reinactments, RVs, gun shows (the kind
where you can shoot something and it will blow up) and the incredible
story of an airman who parachuted from his plane only to get caught in a
thunderstorm for 45 minutes. Stratman's tone and camera is controlled
yet playful, with beautiful imagery and far more humor than you would
expect. What the hell is going on in this country? The freaking wild
west never ended.

Mon 2.23.09 8:30 pm

Bruce Conner was one of the first to rework found film footage into new
short films, but that's not what makes him one of the greatest. His
movies examine politics and celebrity, sex and violence, using images
you may recognize but with his notable hand in the mix. Although he was
adored by academics and the art world, Conner was not interested in
making everyone happy. He made films because he had something to say.
Sadly, he passed away last year.

Surveying the filmmaker's work over a 50-year span, the program includes
Movie (1958, 12 min.), Marilyn Times Five (1973, 14 min.), Permian
(1969, 4 min.), Mea Culpa (1981, 4 min.), Looking for Mushrooms (1967,
min.), Looking for Mushrooms (1996 version, 15 min.), Report (1967, 13
min.), Television Assassination (1995, 14 min.), Take the 5:10 to
(1977, 5 min.),
Valse Triste (1977, 5 min.) and - the caveat - Bruce's last film, the
gorgeous Easter Morning (2008, 10 min., DV).

In person: Dennis Hopper, longtime Conner friend and co-conspirator, and
guest of honor Jean Conner

Mon 3.02.09 8:30 pm

Bruce Conner's Explosive Cinema: A Tribute, Part 1 is being shown on
February 28. See for
program info.

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