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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kim's Video finds a home in Italy

When I was a teenager, I started taking tickets at the US Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, after the screenings, I would ask the filmmakers to give me a list of the films they loved and thought I needed to see!

I remember taking this list to the local video store and the clerks would look at me blankly, like I had made up the list of film titles on the paper. I'd have to drive 14 hours to San Francisco to find some of the films.

Later I moved to New York City and I lived on 7th Street between B & C. I found Kim's Video, the second day I lived in NYC. It was like paradise and only one block from my house. I lived at Kim's, I would go in there at least once a day and often more. I went through thousands of videos in their collection.

So when I read this article in the New York Times, I almost cried.

I love that the collection has found a home and I really love that the city of Salemi decided that the way to renew their town was to put the artists in charge and to put on a Never-Ending film festival!

I love love love this line: "promoting “culture as an everyday thing, something you consume every day,” effort to give artists political power."

I might need to move to Salemi now. "Salemi is the future, New York is the past"

1 comment:

Edwin Arévalo said...

Tell me you still have that list somewhere or any other list :P I love list of films, specially if they come from filmmakers like yourself.