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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons et al...

I read this week that Wil Wheaton teaches his son to slay dragons and that Dave Arneson co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons died at age 61. RIP Dave.

I haven't thought about Dungeons and Dragons for years, but I have very fond memories of the game even though I only played it one time. I was never really into science fiction but when I was 17 I was IN LOVE (the way you only can be when you're seventeen) with a guy who was REALLY into everything sci fi! I was Mormon and didn't drink or do anything bad really so I though he would lose interest in me if I didn't embrace all things geek.

One night he patiently explained Dungeons and Dragons to me and we made out for seventeen hours. So awesome! I miss those dragons sometimes. Ah to be 17 again.

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