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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles - April 21-26

Yay! The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles starts next week! April 21-26
One of my favorite festivals in Los Angeles - go see some movies!
Some I'm really looking forward to seeing:


BOMBAY SUMMER (truly indie film, along the lines of THE POOL)

FIRAAQ - this screened in Toronto 2008 and is the directorial debut of the the famous actress Nandita Das

SUPERMEN OF MALEGAON - looks to be a hilarious doc about the making of a superman movie in a small town in India.

They are saluting Anil Kapoor too!
Half of this year's feature-length films happen to be directed by women!! Yow!

These are just a few of the films. You can buy tickets here for all the films!

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