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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Errol Morris' new film Standard Operating Procedure

Errol Morris' new film Standard Operating Procedure won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday.

I went to a screening on Friday, it's such a deep film, we screened FOG OF WAR at AFI FEST, this is the perfect companion piece to that film. Errol Morris was asked about the two films saying, "My last film was about a person that was at the apex of power, Robert McNamara. With this new one, I wanted to make a film about the people at the bottom of the pyramid, 'the little guys'. A story that I think the world needs to see and hear."

Go see this film! Sony is releasing April 25th. It's a really moving, maddening documentary. I love Errol Morris' film for their artistry and just finished my own Netflix Morris retrospective which I highly recommend too.

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