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Friday, February 29, 2008

Late Night Politics in Mexico City

So we're in the bar in Mexico City talking politics. We had planned to just have one drink when the political debate began. It got a little heated, if only in the volume of our voices. In the end, we all hugged and said good night and in the morning we'll go see more movies at FICCO and reconvene to talk film, art and politics again.

But, the thing that struck me this morning, was the reason we started talking politics in the first place - we were talking about reggae music and Lee Scratch Perry and the poets of Jamaican culture - and their powerful lyrics and how those words were able to start a revolution and those words brought power to a struggle and changed lives. And then we were wondering, "where are those songs now?" "why aren't people making those films now?" Which brought us to Obama and then it all went crazy.

The words are there and there is power in those words. No one will know if he can fix all the problems that the Bush administration has left until he's he's in office. But we ask for leaders who can inspire and lead and then we tear them down by saying they are all talk, they have no experience, they are all charisma, no substance.

But, maybe like the poets mentioned above, the words do have power and substance that can start a movement. Wouldn't that be awesome. I can get behind that.

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