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Monday, March 17, 2008

Duck Season to Lake Tahoe

In 2004 we screened the US Premiere of "Duck Season" at AFI FEST. It went on to win the Grand Jury Prize of AFI FEST and Director Fernando Eimbcke and Producer Christian Vladelievre were at the festival for both sold out screenings.

Eimbcke is such an extraordinary talent - back then I wrote about the film:
"DUCK SEASON is a flawlessly executed highly stylized romp from writer/director Fernado Eimbcke. Keeping the tempo lively with fluid editing and stylized direction, Eimbcke elicits exceptionally articulated performances from his young cast, revealing an unforgettable film reveling in the confusion that accompanies adolescent love and friendship, loneliness and growing up."

Two months after our screening Eimbcke was named by Variety as one of the ten directors to watch.

Last week in Guadalajara, I ran into both Fernando and Christian at the film festival and I was able to see Eimbcke's new film "Lake Tahoe". Such a wonderful film, and shows that he was worth watching! "Lake Tahoe" teams up Eimbcke again with Vladelivre, it's not as light as his first film but that's not a bad thing. This film has such depth and layers are revealed naturally as the story unfolds making this a very powerful film.

One of my favorite blogs: has a couple of nice articles about the film and more about Guadalajara which is an amazing festival.

It's so exciting when you see filmmakers in a certain region making films that are so unique and unusual that the rest of the world has to stop and take notice: there's some magic happening in Mexico, Romania and the Philippines.

I can't wait to see Gerardo Naranjo's new film! "Voy a explotar"


Doug said...

Thanks for the link, Shaz. I've enjoyed your programming in Los Angeles for some time! said...

Thanks Doug, that's so nice to hear! I always love reading film journey!