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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Jean-Pierre has been on a Michael Haneke retrospective in our living room - I love his movies once and never again, so I've been hiding in the bedroom watching Harry Potter to drown out the sounds.

Several years ago when I worked at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Alfonso Cuaron was the guest director. At the filmmaker retreat the weekend before the festival, Cuaron chose to screen Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES to the filmmakers mostly because he knew it would spark dialogue and it'd get everyone talking. He was right.

I walked back to my room at the Ojai Spa in the dark, disturbed and terrified of all the spa workers in their all white outfits.

Now Mr. Haneke has remade the film in English proving that all these young splat pack filmmakers have got nothing on him.

If you want to freak out your friends go here...

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